The wonder that is Amazon didn’t happen in a vacuum. One of the aspects of its business that Amazon works on constantly is its Supply Chain Management (SCM). When a customer orders a product, a light blinks in the area warehouse and the item that the customer ordered is packed and shipped.The Amazon supply chain management approach is to embrace technology. The company utilizes countless automation and robotic solutions, both to pick and pack orders as well as stacking and storing inventory. They are on top of their end and sellers need to be on top of theirs.

AdvantiQs employs a data-driven approach that helps even the best Amazon businesses find new ways to improve efficiency. A supply chain has some basic elements that need constant monitoring; sourcing, stocking, shipping and returning. AdvantiQs uses data to drive efficiency to ensure that inventory is up to date, ships properly and on time and handles cases of missing items.

Amazon’s distribution strategy calls for the fastest level of order turnaround time like same-day or next-day delivery for all major cities within the United States. For Amazon Prime customers that is a guarantee. To become one of Amazon’s preferred sellers SCM is key. AdvantiQs has a team of experts that is on top of every seller’s SCM.

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