Fred A. Barnard, a legendary adman from the golden age of advertising once said that a picture is worth a thousand words. There is science that shows that the human brain processes pictures, thousands of times faster than it does text. So you want to be sure that the photos that represent your brand are not only professional-grade but present in a way that best generates a sale. After all, the photos on your page are the first impression buyers have of your offering.People buy with their eyes. Your photos if done properly will be shot with different lighting, from different angles, and with different backgrounds. Hundreds if not thousands of shots will have to be looked at, analyzed, and chosen to find the perfect picture to convey to the buyer to choose your offering. If your product comes in a variety of colors the process can be longer and more arduous. Sometimes, a product just might present itself better in a specific setting or being shown used. Think of a hot sunbather drinking a beverage from a cold can as opposed to a photo of a six-pack.

Your photos are your shop window. How many times have you stopped to window shop at a cluttered disorganized storefront? On the flipside, there is a line to see Macy’s storefront window Christmas display. Good photos do not have to be expensive but when done right are always time-consuming.

Your product simply might just be better served with a video. Someone demonstrating your exercise equipment or applying your skincare product might just be the magic potion that converts the shopper into a buyer. With video, less is more but to get to less you need a bunch of takes and alot of editing.

AdvantiQs works with top-line photographers and videographers whose only job is to set and shoot products. You can fix the clogged drain by yourself but instinctively, you know, a professional plumber can do a better job.

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