Mobile Optimization in the Amazon Age

May 11, 2021

It’s easier than you think!

For the tech-savvy small to medium business owners who invest aggressively in e-commerce, optimizing their online offerings for mobile is a given. In fact, to offer a product on Amazon, photos must meet specific requirements. Despite the ubiquitousness of online retail, there are far too many businesses who are either unaware there is even a difference or simply haven’t yet gotten around to upgrading. Thus, when migrating to offering their products on Amazon, many business owners are surprised about just how arduous a process it is. 


According to in the last year, 51% of all time spent online in the US has been via a mobile device. So no matter whether you are a contractor or retailer, optimizing for mobile simply makes sense because to ignore it means you are conceding half your potential customers to those that are. 


While a majority of e-commerce searches are done via mobile, actual purchases by handheld device lags behind. According to, 65% of internet traffic is via mobile while generating only 53% of online purchases. However, according to the same report cited above, mobile usage increased 10% over the past year. Of course, online purchases, in general, increased over the past year due to Covid. 


Many experts believe that the further migration to online shopping as a result of the pandemic is an irreversible trend. One reason is the movement towards a cashless society. According to consumer research done by Gartner;

Photo EditingMany consumers have adopted a clear preference for noncash and contactless forms of payment due to COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, governments in places such as New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and the U.K. enacted or considered enacting, legislation to ban cashless stores in an effort to protect the unbanked or underbanked. Since the pandemic, however, consumers have shown a clear preference for cashless and contactless payments, with Visa finding that 78% of global consumers have adjusted the way they pay for items in the wake of intensified safety concerns. Shifting consumer attitudes toward cash are likely to impact regulatory and legislative leanings.”

Another point sellers need to focus on is demographics. The generation coming up, in other words, the next wave of spenders, are online much more than ever. According to;

“It’s predicted that this generation, born after 1998, will have $44 billion in buying power. As of now, 93% of parents say their Gen Z child influences household spending. And in just a couple of years, this generation will dominate 40% of all consumer shopping.

95% of this generation have their own smartphone, on which they spend nearly 10 hours or more per day. Because of this, they are 2X more likely to shop on mobile devices than millennials.

All in all, it is no longer sufficient to just have an online strategy, you must have a mobile strategy. Granted, the two are fusing together rapidly but keep in mind that there are also millions of Americans who still use dial up internet

At AdvantiQs, online strategy always includes full mobile optimization. We are a full-service digital agency with a focus on e-commerce, particularly FBA sellers. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your e-commerce business.