The fact is that Amazon PPC is more effective than PPC on other platforms. Amazon PPC converts at a rate of 9.47% while the average on other platforms is 1.33%. People searching on Amazon are there to shop. Small to medium sellers on Amazon spend from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month on PPC campaigns. That’s a lot of hard-earned money.At AdvantiQs we help define your campaign goals, find the best keywords, finetune your targeting, optimize your ads, optimize bidding, and much more. A successful PPC campaign requires a logical, organized structure, comprehensive keyword research, and ongoing management and maintenance. Our team of experts assures you get all of that.

If you have a sponsored brand, AdvantiQs will ensure that your PPC ad will feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products if applicable. These ads will appear in relevant shopping results and help drive the discovery of your brand among customers shopping for products like yours.

Seeing good revenue and lower Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) is all part of a carefully managed ads campaign that’s done properly. The cost of Amazon ads is easily customizable and they promise good returns. AdvantiQs has cumulative decades of experience in managing PPC campaigns.

But we don’t stop there. AdvantiQs will create supplementary campaigns to promote your brand on search engines and social media to create broad awareness of your name and offerings and drive traffic to your store.

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<p”>To stay competitive in today’s modern marketplace, your business needs a visible and effective presence. At AdvantiQs, our aim is to help you build a strong and sustainable online brand that will allow your business to thrive.

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