EBC (known by some as A+ content) is a feature that allows brand owners to upgrade the product description with rich media content. Each Amazon Assigned Identification Number (ASIN – your product) must have an explanation of your offering. EBC enables you to strengthen the text with engaging interactive and visual content.When a shopper walks into a store they have a lot of questions, EBC seeks to answer those questions on your Amazon page without them having to ask. EBC provides thorough and accessible information buyers typically look for that don’t appear in simple text.

There is a process to get your product registered and approved for EBC. While EBC is the best way to display your product, it is the most important feature to have for any Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign.

Amazon has an approval process for EBC and it can take a week or longer for approval. Experienced EBC writers already know the nuances of Amazon requirements, what’s allowed and what isn’t. Because EBC gives sellers an advantage Amazon has strict guidelines, violations can lead to delisting and rejection from Amazon.

AdvantiQs has professional Amazon EBC writers well versed in Amazon’s Terms Of Service (TOS). Our account managers know how to register your brand, get ASINs issued, and put you well on your way to having the best content on the platform.

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