With the explosive growth of Amazon, its ecosystem has grown complex. There are ever-changing Terms of Service (TOS), fluid revision of search criteria, updated warehousing regulations, and a host of other systemic adjustments that can challenge the most efficient operations.Getting your products found on Amazon is no longer simply about a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign but requires expertise in a variety of spheres. Content is king – how products are described determines where they will be found in organic searches. Photography sells – angles, lighting, colors, and presentation can be the difference between closing the sale or just getting clicked on. Videography is where it’s at – sometimes a product just needs to be seen in action. Graphics can seal the deal – professional graphics impress buyers that the seller has invested in getting their merchandise sold.

Channel Management is no longer about pointing and clicking. Amazon offers an array of complex and costly software packages to help manage your brands fastidiously. Proper data management distinguishes one brand from the next whether by constantly updating content on the listing or by determining how to allocate a PPC budget.

A dedicated team gives you access to a plethora of experts who specifically focus on one or two areas of expertise and are not generalists. Additionally, a devoted team allows for one-stop shopping. AdvantiQs team consists of experts in photography, videography, content writing, infographics, channel management, PPC, Amazon TOS, social media, AdWords, account management, marketing, and others.

Do you own a brand/brands? Then you already know that running your business requires a lot of your time and much of your resources. You should be out doing what you do best and leave the rest to your dedicated team.

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