Poor Product
Page Quality

Inadequate Photography, &
Insufficient Listing—No Keywording

Little to No

Low Conversion


Amazon Keywording
Market and Competitor Research

Professional Photography
High-End Product & Lifestyle Shots

Optimized Listings
Quality Copy Based Off In-Depth Research & Targeting

Stock & Inventory Management
Controlling Stock and Inventory Levels to Avoid Becoming ‘Out-of-Stock’

Product Launching Campaigns
Additional Boost to New Products for Amazon Ranking

Optimized Advertising
Broad and Specific Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Building Storefront and A+ Content
Enhanced Brand Content for Longer Page Sessions

Additional Beta Advertising
Testing New Amazon Technologies to Increase Sales

Sales Growth

5 Months Prior to Selling with AdvantiQs
August – December 2019
August: $1,718.35
September: $1,778.56
October: $1,630.67
November: $3,718.09
December: $8,883.13*
*Holiday Season Sales

5 Months of Selling with AdvantiQs
January – May 2020
January: $3,620.66
February: $4,210.97
March: $7,261.71
April: $10,839.85
May: $59,806.60


A sales increase of 1420% : $17,146.79 vs $85,739.79 over a 5 month period

Updated & optimized product pages ranking on Amazon

Generated 800+ 4-5 star reviews