Amazon Seller Checklist: 8 Basic Necessities

August 11, 2021

Have You maximized?

I’ve used this space to drive home the point that the Amazon ecosystem has grown to be huge and complicated. I’ve also mentioned how competitive it is, how and why having a strategy in place is so vital to your success as a seller on Amazon. Today I want to elaborate even further on those points. As Amazon has grown and its platform becomes more standardized it has put in place certain allowances that should you maximize on them, can give you a leg up on your competition. Below is a brief overview of some of them.

1. SEO Based Title

Amazon allows you to use up to 250 characters in the title of your product. Like almost all the features Amazon offers, this is an opportunity to use various possible search words customers use to find a product. So in addition to naming your product and brand, you might want to throw in multiple uses for the product and its benefits. Someone might search for a massager but they also might simply search under back pain.

2. Five Bullet Points Allowed – Use Them

Amazon allows you to place up to 5 bullet points under the product title. This too is another space to add in possible search words but it is also a great way to fully describe your product and its benefits. There is a 1000 character limit on all five bullet points but that’s plenty. The goal is not only to get the searcher to your page but to stay.

3. Studio Quality Photos

Everybody is a photographer today thanks to smartphones. That’s great when you want your friends on Instagram to see the taco you ordered last night, not for your Amazon business.

Running shoe studio photo

Amazon has very specific specifications for pixels, the shade of white the background needs to be and the screens and color used. For each product, Amazon allows seven photos or six photos and a video. To maximize the impact, each photo must be angled just right and the lighting just so.

4. Product Video

Smartphones and TikTok seemingly made us all cinematographers and movie directors, but if you asked Steven Spielberg to shoot a video for your camping equipment to be placed on your product’s Amazon page, he’d likely tell you to hire someone who specializes in product videos. Sure he can do it, but even he will admit it won’t have the same impact a specialist’s clip will have.

5. Lifestyle Photos

Of those seven photos Amazon allows per product, they recommend that three of them contain lifestyle photos. Lifestyle photos simply are photos of someone using your product; a runner wearing your shoes, a chef using your knife, or campers resting in your tent.

Platokids Lifestyle Image

See my comments above, getting lifestyle photos just right is just as complicated as the video and product photos.

6. Infographics

Whether you use one or two allowable photos for infographics or place them in your A+ content (see below) having them is crucial. Infographics are a great way to convey dimensions, specific uses, and instructions to the customer. Basically, they answer any anticipated questions a buyer might have before making a purchase. Having the answers available increases the likelihood the buyer stays on your page.

7. A+ Content

A Plus content is placed on the bottom of your product page that allows for a more elaborate product description. Consumers buy with their eyes. You can use that space to give a detailed description using written content but no one will actually read it.

A+ content can be a combination of lifestyle photos, videos, and graphics that convey information, answer possible questions, and keep the buyer on your page. Forbes says that good A+ content increases your conversion rate between 3-10%.

Burlybands storefront

Burlybands Storefront

8. Amazon Storefront

Hopefully, you have created a positive buying experience for your customers. They like the way you display your products and how you do business. Now they want to know what else you sell. Having an Amazon Storefront is not required but if you can get that satisfied client in front of everything you have to offer you increase the likelihood of more sales.


Here is a Listing Checklist for you to use, free of charge. This is a fantastic resource, even if you’ve been creating listings for a while, having a checklist ensures that you don’t mistakenly skip a critical step!

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